What is Dbook Platform Protocol
Distributed Platform Ownership
Dbook Platform is inspired by how the DeFi community has grown, in terms of ideology, popularity, and various concepts. With finance itself decentralized, perhaps we can also ensure smooth operations in a decentralized manner as well. Dbook Platform hopes to create a decentralized business operation, where each token holder has a voice on how the business should be conducted and run, as well as receiving dividends and profit-sharing from the business itself. And thus, the Dbook Platform will be separated into 2 parts: The DAO and Operation.


The Dbook DAO will primarily operate on $DBK, where $DBK can be used for voting, as well as to be staked for profit distribution events.
$DBK will only be airdropped in the beginning to interested individuals of the project, forming the first group of DbookDAO members.
More $DBK can be minted and sold in future to fund activities required for expansion of Dbook Platform. However, funding rounds will need to be approved by DAO members before proceeding with any future sales. There will be a treasury for the DAO as well, which will be used to facilitate profit distribution to staking pools. The treasury will be a multi-sig wallet to be created on Gnosis SAFE, which enables multi-sig wallets. Keys will be held by parts of the community, as well as the project founders. Under this arrangement, it will not be possible for the project founders to misuse the funds in the DAO Treasury.

Dbook Operations

Dbook Operations will consist of DLuck and DGames, our Telegram bot that facilitates our revenue-generating operations. In order for the DbookDAO to be profitable and sustainable, Dbook Operations will be extremely important, as it generates the required profit, which can be used to distribute profits to all DAO members. The Dbook Operations will be given a Treasury(Base) smart contract, which will be used to provide transparency and liquidity to the operations. The Treasury(Base) smart contract will be used, when the operation suffers a loss. Funds held in the smart contract will be released, to ensure the status of current liquidity in the operation.

Vision & Mission

For more explanation to our Vision & Mission, please refer to this post.

Our Vision

  • To create a convenient, yet private and discreet gaming experience for our players — a leader in decentralized gaming and prediction platform that’s inclusive for all, including users who may not be familiar with cryptocurrency.
  • To give back to society, by nurturing minds and educating the mass public — Contributing to the society, and influencing the community positively with decentralization.

Our Mission right now

  • To achieve sustainability in the near future
  • Ensure the integrity of Dbook Platform towards our players and $DBK holders
  • To change the true meaning of decentralization, and work on being the responsible decentralized platform of the future.
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