Tokenized Prediction
Robinos Prediction Platform

Taking into consideration the 2 main issues mentioned. Robinos propose the following solutions:

  1. 1.
    Tokenizing options of each event.
  2. 2.
    Introducing major sporting and entertainment events across a season.

Tokenized Options

As compared to interacting with smart contracts directly, it will be easier for potential users to interact with tokens through simple buying and transfer.
This will enable users to purchase tokens representing their preferred player and/or the team of choice which they believe will perform well across the season. These tokens will be called 'represented tokens'.
The price of each represented token will fluctuate, as they will be tradeable on DEX across the season. As a team performs well, more supporters will potentially come in and purchase the represented tokens from the DEX. The opposite can occur when a team underperforms.

Major sporting and entertainment events

Of course, to sweeten the pot, a grand prize will be shared for each league or competition hosted by Robinos. This means we'll enable the represented tokens of the top few teams in the league to be exchanged for a portion of our grand prize when the season ends.
Up to 40% of the top teams will be rewarded. So, expect to be rewarded when your favourite team is in the top 8 of your favourite soccer leagues of 20 teams, or even expect quarter-finalists to be rewarded as well despite not winning the championship or the competition itself!
So, it's time to get involved with your favourite team and players with a group of fans that share the same love for different sports and events. We're kickstarting an era of sports trading.
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