Reward Mechanism
Unlike activities in a sportsbook when there is often only 1 pick of all that wins all the prizes, it'll be very different in Robinos Prediction Platform.
Using EPL as an example, where there are 20 teams in the league. Robinos will reward up to 8 teams in the 20 teams league. In order for this to happen, the prize pool for each team position from champion to the 8th position team will need to be in decreasing fashion, but in smaller gaps. Example: Champion - 15% of the prize pool Second-placed team - 14% Third-placed team - 13% Fourth-placed team - 12% Fifth-placed team - 11% Sixth-placed team - 10% Seventh-placed team - 9% Eighth-placed team - 8%

Special Circumstances

In most cases, the grand prize will be determined at 15% for a 20 team league. 7.5% for a 40 team competition, and 30% for a 10 team tournament. However, consideration will need to be placed here. In the event where 1 option in the league receives overwhelming take-up rates. This is because, if a 'favorited' team contributes more than 15% of the sales during the event presale, and the champion having only 15% of the prize pool allocated, the 'favorited' team option will take a loss at the end of the event, even if the 'favorited team' ends up being the champion in the end.
There will be a few ways to solve this problem, from reducing the rewarded positions in the league, or reducing the spread of prizes on each finishing position. This will be taken into consideration on a case-by-case approach.
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