Why Robinos?

Bringing trading and predictions into sporting events

Everyone here should be familiar with cryptocurrency trading, especially using DEXs and AMMs like Uniswap and PCS. We'll be bringing your favorite teams into DEX, allowing you to trade those represented tokens freely during the season.
Very often we trade stocks, forex, and cryptocurrency as retails traders, and lose out because we do not understand what we're trading. With sports trading, we'll be trading based on each team's performance, which will reflect on the price of each represented token.
Robinos provide the platform for all fans to be trading something that's of interest to them. Imagine knowing the first-hand news that your team will be making a mega-signing on January's transfer window, which will give your team a chance to push into the top 4. It's time to buy those tokens before their price goes up when they start winning the games and climbing the league table!

How different?

  • Entire tournament/competition/league season for you to make your decision and assessment to get the best value
  • With up to 40% of placings to be rewarded, your 'underdogs' and 'dark horses' might be able to net you some good money, which many other users might not predict early on.
  • Ability to sell your represented tokens at the highest possible value even before the season ends to mitigate your risk and maximize your rewards.
  • Your money will be there for the entire season instead of one match, allowing you to enjoy your favorite sports, speculate, and making profits in a familiar domain.
Long story short, you will always be in control. Like a trader who always has the option to sell and cut losses, or chooses to take profit at a good time to mitigate risks. You'll only be able to hodl till the end of the season, and the tokens will either be eligible for a grand prize reward or becomes useless.
Last modified 3mo ago