It's time to level the playing field for retail investors, stay-home traders, and every sports fan out there! Enjoy your games, and time to make some money.

Prediction Platforms

Robinos won't be the first, and it won't be the last prediction platform. Despite the existence of many prediction platforms powered by blockchain and cryptocurrency, we do not see many popular platforms with a high adoption and usage rate.
One reason could be, the 'perfect' prediction platform would require extensive use of smart contracts. Without a comprehensive UI supporting the smart contracts, a smart contract-reliant prediction platform can be too overwhelming and too steep of a learning curve for its targeted users.
Another reason could be the unfamiliar events that allow users to be interested in prediction platforms. Between human interactions, 2 people can be discussing the weather, and just place a 'verbal' bet on everything under the sun, from the weather, 'Is it going to rain in the next 2 hours?'. I'm sure many of us have had such an experience. A prediction platform simply does the same thing, but just without the human interactions beforehand. However, when it comes to sporting events, many would be used to linking sporting events to gambling platforms, which is the closest and most successful product we have in terms of a mainstream 'prediction platform'.


Robin Hood has the symbolism for Hope, while the Robin symbolizes a new beginning, hope, and good things to come!
Thus, we're Robinos, bringing hope and good things to come, as well as a new beginning in the era of sports trading.
At Robinos, we want to level the playing field for retail investors, stay-home traders, and every sports fan out there. Instead of trading on unknown commodities and stocks, we're going to provide sports and entertainment prediction events for all the fans to come along and make some money using the knowledge of the common man on their favorite sports team, entertainment events, and so on.
We feel that Robin Hood and Robin both symbolize 'power of freedom' as well, which also means empowering decentralization.
Robinos will embrace decentralization at all levels, from the governance of the platform and giving what our supporters and customers want from the platform! Everyone has a role to play, and a vote to make!
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